Diesel Fitter Live @ The Glue Pot Pub

The Glue Pot Pub, 340 Queen Street, Ottawa, Ontario

Shake it for SHAD-KINS - Glue Pot Pub

Two OCUA (www.ocua.ca) members, Sean Harkins and Sandra Shaddick, had their home go up in flames on Beechwood Ave on the 15th of March 2011.  They lost everything except for a laptop and a gym bag. Quite literally everything.

A large Frisbee Fundraising party would be more than appropriate.

SHAKE IT FOR SHAD-KINS is a party in their honour and will be held at the Glue Pot Pub on Friday April 15th after 8pm. There will be a band (Diesel Fitter), a full bar and lots of exciting opportunities to shake your moneymaker.

A voluntary but strongly encouraged cover charge of whatever you’d like to contribute will be charged at the door.

We expect everyone to be there! It's going to be awesome!

Age limit: All ages