Promo:  Bassline Put & Eatery - February 8, 2014

It's coming up to that time of the month again. Yep. You probably guessed it. Date Night.  
What to do…What to do…
You just had "Dinner with Movie". Very nice. The date before was "Dinner with Engaging Conversation". Also very nice and relationarily necessary. All very nice. But they lack edginess. Let us help you help yourselves break out of the same ol' same ol'.
How's 'bout a rambunctous "Date Night with Diesel Fitter"!!
You provide the dinner. We'll provide the after dinner musical foreplay. It's up to you what happens sext …err… I mean next…although we could help there too but it will cost sextra … (Ok. that's enough) … and there will be 4 of us…with our instruments….and plenty of cables...
What: A bunch of dudes playing some Rock hits, with a helluva lot of energy, and dare I say passion!!
When: Saturday Feb 8th: Show starts up at 9pm.
Where: BassLine Pub&Eatery : 2557 Baseline Rd, Ottawa
Cost: $5 (Yep, we're a cheap date)
Book your baby sitters and get ready to ROCK!!!  (Wow…that sounded very un-Rock).
Please forward on our "Message of Hope" to all whose Date Nights need a shot of something new!!
… Diesel Fitter