Promo:  The Brass Monkey - September 20, 2013


Yep, Sir Robert Plant speaks true. Alas, after a lengthy, all-healing hiatus, Diesel Fitter have resurfaced. Benton, Vince, Lorne and Steve are still middle aged but we're ready to throw our energy (or our backs) out atchya!!!

To get right to the point, for all of you on a tight schedule, we have a new gig and we'll be a part of a double bill.

Where: The Brass Monkey Billiards and Bar (250 Greenbank Rd)
When : Friday, Sept 20th.
Cost: $5

The first band up is Sweet Instincts who will be playing from 9:30pm to 10:45pm. 
Diesel Fitter ( will fire things up from 11pm to close.

For those of you with better things to do, stop reading HERE….We're warning you. It's not pretty.

Now, to mincy about the point, this part of the DF Blog Promo will "lazy river" you through our attempt at wit... with our target demographic being those of you with time to kill at the office.

Diesel Fitter are settling into our 40's and looking at things from new angles. Not the sharp, crisp angles of our youth, but the "Shit! I can't read the Advil bottle anymore!" kinda fuzzy angles.

The quick minded of you might remember (which is getting harder with age) that I mentioned "angles" in the previous paragraph. That was not placed there by mere literary chance. We want you to test out your "angular" ability with games of billiards while we calmly serenade you with live, highly energetic, Rock'n Roll!! You will have the added distraction of beer whilst you play. Luckily, we hear this helps improve your game significantly.

Come out to the Brass Monkey Billiards n Bar (250 Greenbank Rd) on Friday, September 20th for a night that promises to be low impact and not leave you reaching for your physiotherapists number in the morning. (Unless of course you attempt crowd surfing. Which is not recommended when there are a lot of drunk blokes holding pool cues in their hands.)

Ahh billiards....You actually get a very nice stretch in your latissimus dorsi as you lean over the felt covered slate calling out, "9 ball. Cross corner. Kiss off the 7". Equally as important, the supporting muscles of your rotator cuff will be mildly engaged as you bring the cue mercilessly down on the white ball, igniting a cry of "Nice break!" from the recently introduced patron at the bar whose name you can no longer recall.

If you've gotten this far in the promo, you are really not busy at work and desperate for any distraction, no matter how simple-minded or, lets face it, weak.

The creative keg of "literary prose" has now been floated and it is time for us to sign off...but we still love you!!!

Cheers from DF ... we'll hopefully see you at the upcoming show.